Before and After
"I purchased a foreclosed home and it had a rather ugly and very old purple tub in the master bathroom.  They sent over Rick to resurface it and I couldn't have been happier with the results!  He made it this beautiful, gleaming white and it looks brand new.  

I thought I'd have to have the tile around it also refinished but Rick took the time to clean it when he did the tub, making it look just as good as the tub.  He saved me hundreds of dollars just with that.  I found him to be completely professional and thinking of the customer first and foremost.  I'd recommend him and AKL Resurfacing to all my friends and family!"

--Casey M.
"Rick came out to the condos where I was a site supervisor to do all the tubs.  There were 75 units there and he did a fantastic job on every single one of them.  He did them to our exact specifications and without any mistakes.  I'd definitely have him on every site I am in charge of and would even have him do work in my own home.  He was always prompt, professional and delivered the highest quality product.  Thanks for all your hard work on such a huge project in such short time!"

--Todd T.

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